Approaching Teacher Retention the Call Me MiSTER Way


How can retention rates for new teachers be increased, allowing for that all-important sense of continuity all students need to maintain the degree of engagement in school that leads to increased graduation rates? Join Solutions to the Dropout Crisis as Dr. Roy Jones discusses the impact and success of Call Me MiSTER (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models).

March 20, 2017 55:23
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With a national dropout rate well exceeding 30% for many subpopulations, we face a national crisis. In South Carolina, the situation is even worse. By sharing what actually works to combat this challenges in our state and across our nation’s future, the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network is committed to providing information to the relevant constituencies on research-based solutions to the dropout crisis. Solutions to the Dropout Crisis is a professional development broadcast produced by Clemson University Broadcast Productions for the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network. Solutions airs the second Tuesday of each month throughout the year, bringing the best in professional learning opportunities to its viewers as they seek ongoing strategies and information related to dropout prevention, intervention, and recovery to improve high school graduation rates and school dropout rates. For more related links and resources related to each program, visit