Clemson University Cordoba Center: Real People, Real Language, Real Culture


Allison Whitehouse, Dr. Monica Massei, Shelby McGill, and Todd Turner. Over the past 10 years, the Clemson University Cordoba Center has provided a unique immersion program in Argentina, committed to offering a meaningful experience abroad for Clemson students from all majors. The program runs in spring and fall semesters and also offers a year-long option. Furthermore, there are internship and volunteer opportunities available in various disciplines. During the summer, students have the opportunity to participate in the Business, Culture, and Language in Argentina program, which was designed to allow students to fully understand and recognize the values of the Latin- American business logic, and showcase marketing and management from an emerging markets perspective. Students are provided with a background of the socio-economic history and cultural traits of Latin America to have a well-rounded panorama of the region. With emphasis on Latin American ways in the negotiation process, special attention is paid to the expected attitudes in business contexts of Latin American countries and cultures.

March 28, 2017 41:30
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About 2017 Global Symposium

The Clemson Global Symposium was originally created by a collaboration of recent Clemson Alumni, current Clemson students, faculty, and staff with their eyes on the following mission: to serve as a catalyst in fostering the development of Clemson students as global citizens. The Symposium focuses on two main goals: To foster awareness of cross-cultural understanding through opportunities for overseas service and/or academic and research activities and to encourage engagement of Clemson students in taking on global responsibilities and problem solving in partnership with citizens from other countries. More sessions will be added as they are available.