Videos tagged with "On The Table"

  • 10:27

    Beyond The Playground

    Robin Kowalski, Professor of Psychology, and Joe Mazer, Associate Professor of Communications at Clemson University discuss cyberbullying, its impact on society and how to prevent it.

  • 10:39

    Who Was Wade Foster?

    Rhondda Thomas, associate professor of African American Literature at Clemson, sheds light on the slaves who labored to build the institution and why it’s necessary to paint the full picture of a school’s history.

  • 10:16

    Counting Sheep?

    June Pilcher, professor in the department of psychology at Clemson University, explores how getting an appropriate amount of sleep could lead to better choices during the day. Clemson University faculty recently named Pilcher one of the very best among them by awarding her the Class of ’39 Award for Excellence.

  • 10:00

    To Trust or Not To Trust

    Richard Pak, an associate professor in Psychology, discusses his research on the relationship between humans and the technology that makes hundreds of hidden decisions in our lives every day.

  • 10:03

    Protecting Against Concussions

    Greg Batt, an assistant professor in Packaging Science, and John DesJardins, an associate professor in Bioengineering, explain their work with the national Head Health Initiative on three challenges: finding better tools for doctors to detect brain injury; creating new ways to monitor head impacts as they happen; and developing improved, energy-absorbing and energy-reducing materials.

  • 10:23

    Witness Breast Cancer Awareness

    Rachel Mayo, a professor in Public Health Sciences, talks about the power of a personal experience that led her to launch the South Carolina Witness Project, part of the National Witness Project.

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