Diplomacy in Crisis


Vladimir Matic, Senior Lecturer, Political Science Diplomacy in some form has been used since ancient times to resolve conflicts while averting war. Today we live in the second phase of the Post-Cold War era and rapid changes in international relations and continuous shifting of power balance are making diplomacy ineffective. Dramatic ongoing multiple crises in the world impact America’s global position and national security, and our lives. The end of the Cold War left the United States as the only superpower in the world. However the United States faced enormous challenges despite its military and economic strength, and sometimes was simply unable to reach its set goals. The number of the hot spots threatening America’s security and primacy in international relations has increased in the past few years. Diplomacy complemented by use of power did not lead to resolution of any of the Middle East conflicts. The Ukraine crisis is at best contained. Can our diplomacy keep America safe? Why didn’t enormous diplomatic efforts render results?

April 4, 2017 32:24
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The Clemson Global Symposium was originally created by a collaboration of recent Clemson Alumni, current Clemson students, faculty, and staff with their eyes on the following mission: to serve as a catalyst in fostering the development of Clemson students as global citizens. The Symposium focuses on two main goals: To foster awareness of cross-cultural understanding through opportunities for overseas service and/or academic and research activities and to encourage engagement of Clemson students in taking on global responsibilities and problem solving in partnership with citizens from other countries. More sessions will be added as they are available.